Easy access to saction lists around the globe

Complii.io's versatile platform is uniquely designed to serve a broad spectrum of industries, transcending traditional boundaries of compliance and due diligence requirements. Whether you operate in finance, healthcare, technology, manufacturing, or any sector in between, Complii.io provides a tailored solution to meet your specific compliance needs. Its comprehensive database, encompassing worldwide sanction lists, coupled with real-time tracking and customizable management tools, ensures that businesses across all industries can effectively navigate the complex landscape of global regulations. By automating and simplifying the compliance process, Complii.io enables organizations to focus on their core activities while maintaining the highest standards of regulatory compliance and risk management. This universal applicability makes Complii.io an invaluable asset for any industry looking to secure its operations against compliance-related vulnerabilities.

Always updated

In the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape, keeping compliance lists up-to-date is paramount for businesses aiming to mitigate risks and adhere to global standards. Complii.io addresses this critical need by offering dynamic updating capabilities that ensure your compliance lists are always current. Leveraging advanced technology, Complii.io automatically refreshes its database to reflect the latest entries on worldwide sanction and watch lists, ensuring that users have access to the most recent information. This feature not only streamlines the compliance process but also significantly reduces the administrative burden on organizations, allowing them to stay ahead of regulatory changes without constant manual oversight. With Complii.io, businesses can trust that their compliance efforts are based on the latest data, providing peace of mind and a stronger stance against potential compliance breaches.


Search functions that reduce false positives in line with your own risk based approach


Different approach to get the most trusted comparison

Trace lists

complii keep searching and comparing to find matches even if you're not actively doing it

Multiple language interfase

We speak your language, or at least our interface does.

Complii.io is a cutting-edge compliance platform that enables organizations to perform thorough searches across global sanction lists, track changes over time, and manage their own block and allow lists for enhanced due diligence and risk management, with a powerfull API and user interface.

Complii.io employs advanced algorithms and customizable filters that allow users to fine-tune their search parameters. This significantly reduces the occurrence of false positives, saving time and resources by focusing on relevant compliance alerts.

Yes, complii.io offers robust API capabilities that facilitate seamless integration with your existing business systems. This integration enables real-time data synchronization and enhances your compliance processes by embedding complii.io's functionalities directly into your workflow.

Absolutely. While complii.io is invaluable for financial institutions, its comprehensive features are designed to benefit any industry that requires adherence to global compliance standards, including healthcare, technology, manufacturing, and more.

Complii.io ensures that the sanction lists are updated in real-time to reflect the latest global regulatory changes. Our platform automatically synchronizes with worldwide sanction lists, providing you with the most current information available.

Yes, complii.io provides robust customer support through various channels, including email, phone, and live chat. Our dedicated team is available to assist with any queries or issues you may encounter, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Complii.io stands out due to its comprehensive search capabilities, real-time tracking, and customizable features that cater to the specific needs of your business. Additionally, our platform's user-friendly interface and API integration capabilities make managing compliance more efficient than ever.

Yes, complii.io offers a trial period for new users to explore the platform's features and capabilities. This allows you to assess how our solution fits your compliance needs before making a financial commitment.