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Track and Analyze Sanctions Globally

Fast API to Unlock Compliance Intelligence:

Before engaging with any business partners, confirm they are not on any worldwide restriction lists. This critical step safeguards your operations against legal and reputational risks.

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complii.io Intelligent sanction searches, Web + APIs

Beyond a Simple Search

Inteligent search with propietary algorithms

Users gain access to a powerful tool that not only performs rapid searches across global sanction lists via both a user-friendly web interface and a versatile API but also tracks changes over time, allowing for dynamic compliance management.

Lower false positives results

Minimize the time and resources spent on investigating irrelevant alerts, thereby enhancing operational efficiency. The advanced algorithms and filtering options available are engineered to provide precision in compliance searches

Backend access with full control

Intuitive and robust control center for comprehensive management. Provides administrators with a powerful suite of tools for monitoring, managing, and reporting on compliance activities across their organization

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API and Web

Advanced APIs Made Simple

We monitor millions of transations every day to procure transparecy and easy access to restriction list around the globe

99.9% uptime

Query our data with as frequent as your business model requires

Easy to Use

Additional to API access you can query via our control UI on any web browser

Control Panel

UI to control the flow process of your API connections

The user interface (UI) of Complii.io is meticulously designed to give users unparalleled control over the flow process of their API connections, ensuring a seamless and efficient integration experience. This intuitive UI facilitates easy management of API connections, allowing users to effortlessly configure, monitor, and adjust the data flow according to their specific operational needs. With real-time feedback and customizable settings, the platform ensures that managing API integrations is both straightforward and highly effective. Whether it's optimizing data synchronization, managing access controls, or troubleshooting connections, Complii.io's UI stands as a central hub for all management activities, embodying a perfect blend of simplicity and functionality to empower users in enhancing their compliance strategies.

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Control Panel

Simple and Powerful Tools


Reports with acurate information about your searches and matches


Permanent search and notification to special designated entries

Custom lists

Add you propietary entries to block lists or allow lists at any given time

CID© Algorithm

Propietary search algorithm with acuracy to generate lower false positives